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3 Reasons why your company should invest in professional copywriting

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

One of the most undervalued aspects of any successful marketing plan is the use of professional copywriters. If you want to sell more of your company's product or service, you need proper copywriting along with your marketing messages, website design, and brand identification.

Your website shows the world what your business looks like, and good copywriting backs that up by telling the world what your business sounds like.

Copywriting is a valuable skill that may be applied in various commercial contexts, including customer acquisition and retention, brand promotion, and persuasion. It's not as simple as slapping some words on paper but includes some serious marketing and sales strategies.

Copy should be true to your company's core principles, but it should also resonate with readers and compel them to take the desired action. Not to mention that such copy should be easy to read, short on fluff, and long on helpful information. In short, without valuable content, a beautifully designed website is useless.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not to invest in professional copywriting services, consider the following 3 reasons why good copywriting is critical for the growth of your business:

Making your business stand out

You can waste days or even weeks of valuable time trying to compose persuasive text. Perhaps much more devastating is the possibility that you will give up and never reap the benefits the copy could have offered.

When you outsource content development to a copywriter, you have more time to concentrate on other essential parts of operating your business, ones that you find more fun and that play more directly to your strengths.

Customers can't buy from you unless they find you, and search engine optimisation (SEO) is the first step in that process. Writing for search engines is becoming a critical aspect of copywriting. Expert copywriters can produce optimised text for search engines and readers alike by strategically including keywords and formatting to draw attention to these terms.

Building and keeping brand consistency

Your "brand image" (the public's impression of your business) can significantly influence your sales. The best copywriters can visualise your final product and work to bring that vision to life through their writing.

The content's tone, vocabulary, and relatability all contribute to conveying your brand's identity. Average content, or poorly written, hastily composed text, will reflect your company in a substandard way.

In contrast, good language and content containing all relevant information will strike the right note, pique the reader's interest, and reflect your personality to uphold consumer confidence and build brand loyalty.

Your audience should quickly identify your brand's tone in any written content, and expert copywriters know how to get their point across clearly and concisely while using the same style in all your advertising and marketing materials.

Creating connections with your audience and luring them to action

Copywriting is not about your company; it is about how customers perceive your company. It connects them to your brand and allows you to demonstrate why you are worthy of their attention.

The goal is to achieve the ideal balance of information and relatability. When creating copy, a good copywriter makes sure to conduct research. Even if the copywriter has no personal experience in the niche, an experienced copywriter can create content for it.

Every sentence on your website must serve a purpose to entice readers; you only have one chance to make the right impression, so you must be deliberate in what you present. A good copywriter knows all of this and knows how to write great copy that includes all of the necessary information and also shows how your service or product can benefit people.

They understand how to set the appropriate tone and encourage users to take action. An ‘About Us’ page, for example, is intended to be informative, whereas a ‘Products Page’ is intended to sell. Copywriters understand the differences between these two pages and create unique content accordingly.

Every piece of copy should have a strategy. Copying for the sake of copying is not a viable business strategy. Copywriters understand this and can write copy to influence consumer actions based on those goals without sounding too direct or obnoxious.

Copywriters with experience also know how to write for different types of readers and show how the company's products will help the customer instead of just listing what they do. Professional copywriters create content that resounds with your audience and fosters connections by combining research, facts, empathy, and a dash of psychology. Copy that builds and strengthens these emotional connections will pay for itself many times over.

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